We continue with our collection of ice breakers and we bring you some new ones. Simple and short, but effective to boost your work sessions.

The political rally

Each member of the team must imagine that they represent the political party of their organization, which is standing in the next general elections. What will be the slogan that you will use to win the elections and why?

A good way to understand what our organization transmits to its members.

A storyboard

Each of the team members will envision an ideal and motivating future for their team or organization. Next, they will take a blank sheet of paper and draw a few comic vignettes (2-3) which tell the story of how you will get there.

We can easily know what each one thinks about the future of the team or organization and also how they see the way there.

thinking bubble

Poster session

A picture is worth a thousand words. Each member will take a blank sheet of paper and draw a poster representing their vision of their team (or organization). Then you will hang them in the room as an exhibition.

Interesting to know the personal vision of each one about their team or organization.

As always, we hope that this small selection will help you to continue experimenting with ice breakers and to make your work sessions more enjoyable and creative. I encourage you once again to unleash your creativity to create your ice breakers, and share them with the community!