In a previous post we had already written about the benefits of ice breakers for our teams. Following this line, we bring you a new selection of ideas from which you could get inspiration to energize your work sessions. These are very simple ice breakers, which you can do in a very short time, and even work with remote teams. Let’s go!

Our own OST

Each member must choose a song that represents how they think the team has lived the last two weeks and explain why. And, once done, why not to create an “album of the week” with them?

This ice breaker gives us an excellent opportunity to discover different points of view on how things are going, as well as the musical preferences of each member of the team.

2 truths, 1 lie

We will ask each member of the team to tell two truths and one lie about themselves. The rest will have to guess what the lie is.

Without a doubt, a good opportunity to strengthen ties and know our colleagues a little better.

Antonio Janeski – Unsplash

I am a superhero!

This time we are going to bring out our creativity. Each team member will choose one of their strengths and draw themselves empowering that trait as a superpower. Then they will share it with the rest. And, could not miss to create a small poster of the superteam at the end!

Again, this ice breaker can help us get people to reflect on their strengths while having fun. We could even go further and ask that, in addition to the superpower, each person represents their kryptonite, their weakest point.

I can read your mind

And now it’s time for a test to see how much we really know our colleagues. We will ask each team member to think about an object, a color, and an animal, and secretly write them down. Then you should think, for each other member of the team, what object, color and animal do you think they have chosen. Finally, we put everything on the table and, let’s see who knows who best!

With this ice breaker we will boost both creativity and empathy, since it will put us in the shoes of our colleagues to try to guess what they would have chosen.

We hope that this small selection encourages you to continue experimenting with ice breakers and to make your work sessions more enjoyable and creative. I encourage you to unleash your creativity to create your own ice breakers, and to share them with the community!