We are very proud at Kypseli of starting this new blog, where we are sure that you will find useful and interesting posts related both to the technological or digital ecosystem and the creation of healthy working environments for teams and organizations.

Our goal is to make our small contribution to the community that has provided us so much knowledge and also to promote the creation of inspiring and innovative working environments where people can unleash their full potential. We will share with you our difficult journey and not only our good experiences, but mainly the bad ones with the learnings we made from them.

We also think that it’s very important to highlight that every team or organization is different and we would like to take advantage of this diversity to also learn from your experiences. We strongly encourage you to participate and give your opinion to share knowledge and create together much better working environments.

Who are we?

For those who still don’t know us, we would like to briefly introduce ourselves: we are a digital products design and development studio whose journey started in mid-2019 by the hand of Guillermo Portas, Hyun Sung Lee and Javier López. The main motivation to go ahead with this project arised from the common wish of working in an environment where to build innovative and quality digital products, boosting people’s talent and following a strong client-focus approach.

Regarding what we concretely do: we create digital products from scratch, from the user research, through the design, to the final implementation and deployment to production . Therefore you can expect us to write in this blog about topics like design (branding, UX, UI, etc.) and technology (software development, infrastructure, DevOps, etc.).

Our philosophy

We would also like to share with you our vision, which will be reflected in all our posts:

  • We defend that organizational culture constitutes its foundations and shapes the resulting environment, from our teams’ ways of working until the relationships with our clients. Despite that protecting and keeping our culture might be an intensive task, it’s worth doing it at all levels because it’s critical if we want Kypseli to evolve in a solid and coherent way.
  • We are also conscious about that people are the cornerstone and living engine of any organization. This is why one of our goals is to make people break the barrier of perceiving the work as something onerous, keep them happy in their day-to-day work while collaborating with others, make them feel proud of their work and encouraging them to improve and boost their abilities.
  • We understand the importance of maintaining the best experience for our clients. We enhance and protect our quality of service (flexibility, lead times, communication and collaboration, etc.) as well as our product quality (waste removal, defects and reworks minimization, etc.) in order to provide delightful experiences and products.
  • On the other hand, we live in a fast-changing world, which makes innovation an essential pillar for any business, and even people, to keep being competitive. Our philosophy is to invest all the necessary resources to keep us up to date, as well as to promote new experiments and ensure an adaptability and continuous evolution mindset and capacity

Having said all this, we only hope that you really enjoy our posts, that you find they useful, and that we may count on you to help us to build even better working environments for everyone.